Diversity is One of Our Greatest Strengths
Unity is Our Power



Hundreds of people changed their plans and gathered in San Jose on Saturday, June 10 to show their support to the Muslim-American community. This was all on short notice after hearing that an anti-Muslim demonstration was planned in Santa Clara County (as part of a nationally coordinated demonstration). Sidewalks at the intersection of Winchester and Stevens Creek were filled, with the crowd expanding several blocks. Participants shared flowers, cookies, smiles and some very creative signs.

The issue that brought us together is extremely serious. Fear is trying to put down roots in our County. Nonetheless, the atmosphere was friendly and light. Families with small children chatted with students, activists and religious leaders of all faiths. Some people just came by to say, “Not in my back yard!” to intolerance. Passing cars honked their support (I assume). Reports were that the anti-Muslim crowd down the street was quite limited, and it is unlikely they were having as much fun as we were. Some people wanted to invite them over to see how good it feels to relax and accept other people as they are, with the assumption of good intentions, instead of suspicion.

Fear is not our natural state and it can’t grow if it isn’t fed and nurtured. When we are brought together for events like the Unity Rally, we are reminded that we are more alike than different. Most people want a safe and peaceful place to live and raise children, have enough food to eat, comfort, acceptance, connection, and a way to express ourselves. Skin color, birthplace and/or lifestyle does not increase or decrease our attraction or entitlement to these things. If safety is really our goal, we would do well to take the needs of others as seriously as we take our own.

The citizens of Santa Clara County are blessed to live in a place where people of all ages, colors, religions, ethnic groups, and ways of life will come together when called and reaffirm our commitment to stand up for each other.

Some of the loving messages of support are listed below. I’m sure we are all free to share the ones we like, the next time we are called together to just say ‘NO’ to fear. See the people who carried these expressions of support and friendship in this photo slide show.

  • 1st Amendment – Religious Freedom since 1791
  • A Nation of Immigrants – E Pluribus Unum
  • Abandon Anger and Fear – Embrace Love and Understanding
  • #Against Hate
  • All Races, All Religions, All Countries of Origin, All Sexual Orientations, All Genders – We Stand with you. You are Safe Here.
  • All You Need is Love
  • America Belongs to All People of Good Will of Any Faith or No Faith
  • Amnesty Now! Stop Raids and Deportations
  • Another Jew for Love
  • Asian Americans Stand with Muslim Americans
  • Blessed are the Peacemakers
  • Brothers & Sisters United
  • But the Greatest of These is Love
  • Christians Stand Up for Muslim Americans
  • Darkness can’t drive out Darkness – Only light can do that.
  • Diversity is Beautiful
  • Diversity not Hate is what Makes Us Great
  • End Terrorism by not participating in it
  • FAITH Makes America Great – HOPE Makes America Great – LOVE Makes America Great
  • First they came for the Muslims and I said STOP RIGHT THERE!
  • First they came for the Muslims and we said NOT HERE YOU DON’T!
  • Hate can’t drive out hate – Only love can do that.
  • Hate Destroys Us All
  • Human Rights for All
  • I love my Muslim Neighbor
  • I Stand for Compassion
  • I stand with love for all Muslims
  • Indivisible San Jose
  • Japanese Americans Say – No Muslim Registry! No Deportations!
  • Jews stand with Muslims
  • #KYN – Join the Know Your Neighbor Campaign www.ING.org/KYN
  • Live and Let Live
  • #Love Army – www.LoveArmy.org
  • Love and Peace for All
  • Love & Unity
  • Love Now!
  • Love Prevails
  • Love Your Neighbor
  • Make America Kind Again
  • Muslims are Marvelous
  • Muslims for Women’s Rights, LGBTQ Rights, Civil Rights, Immigrant Rights, Human Rights
  • My People are Immigrants
  • No Ban – No Wall
  • No Hate – No Fear – Refugees are Welcome Here
  • No Human Being is Illegal
  • No Matter Where You’re From We’re Glad You’re our Neighbor
  • No One Gets Crushed When We Lift Each Other Up
  • RESPECT Makes America Great – COMPASSION Makes America Great – KINDNESS Makes America Great
  • Santa Clara County Peace and Freedom Party
  • Stand Against Hate
  • Standing on the side of Love www.StandingontheSideofLove.org
  • Stop the Hatred – Muslims Welcome
  • Unite and Fight Against Racism
  • United Methodists in Support of Muslim Americans
  • U.S. for all of US
  • We All Belong Here – We will defend each other
  • #We Choose Welcome
  • We are all Immigrants
  • We are all one people.
  • We Believe in Peace
  • We Need to Take Care of Everybody
  • We the People are better than Fear
  • We Say No to Bigotry
  • With Liberty & Justice for All
  • You Cannot Shake Hands with a Clenched Fist