On February 19, 1942 President Franklin D. Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066, forcing 120,000 Japanese Americans into concentration camps. Sponsored by the SJ Nihon Outreach Committee (NOC), the annual San Jose Day of Remembrance event takes place on the 75th anniversary of the signing of this Order. The 2017 event carries the theme, “Stand Up To Hate.” Hundreds of people will gather together not only to remember the great civil liberties tragedy that occurred 75 years ago, but also to reflect on the rising tensions that are building within our communities today and what we can do to build bridges of trust, respect, and friendship.

San Jose Buddhist Church Betsuin
640 N. Fifth Street,
San Jose, CA

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12-5-16 Vets for Standing Rock - SJ City Council
12-5-16 Vets for Standing Rock - SJ City Council