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The Santa Clara County Section includes publications, articles and special resource links for SCC immigrants. All of these links and much more can also be found in the Resources Search page.

Citizenship Day: county offers legal residents free help with citizenship applications
4/8/17 Hundreds of lawful permanent residents received free assistance with their citizenship applications as part of a one-day workshop marking Santa Clara Countys annual Citizenship Day. The workshop, hosted by the Santa Clara County Citizenship Collaborative and several other agencies, took on added significance this year, as both legal and undocumented immigrants are increasingly worried about their status in the U.S. Many are particularly concerned with the countrys divisive political climate, amid the Trump administrations push to significantly clamp down on illegal immigration and halt the flow of refugees.
DREAMers share stories of triumph, loss, during intimate storytelling event
4/25/17 ...Dreamers  immigrants who were brought to this country illegally as children  shared life lessons and stories of pain, tragedy and triumph with dozens of community members Sunday during an intimate storytelling session at the Midpeninsula Community Media Center. The Walk of DREAMers event  the second installment of a series that launched June 2016  was produced through the centers Made Into America project, which features an array of immigration stories aimed at promoting immigrant integration. The event highlighted the uncertain futures of thousands of Dreamers across the Unites States  in particular those granted temporary deportation relief and legal work permits under the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program or DACA.
Japanese American festival in San Jose celebrates its 40th anniversary
SAN JOSE  Colorful carp kites billowed in the sky as music, chatter and the aroma of street food filled Japantown at the 40th annual Nikkei Matsuri Festival on Sunday. The festival is located in the heart of San Jose Japantown-only one of three surviving Japantowns left in the US.
Know Your Neighbor: Multifaith Encounters Statement on Updated Travel Ban
3/7/17 The Know Your Neighbor: Multifaith Encounters campaign, a program of the Islamic Networks Group (ING), finds that the executive order issued this week by President Donald Trump banning entry to the U.S. by citizens of six Muslim-majority countries and suspending and restricting the admission of refugees is essentially the same as the previous executive order on this subject. It therefore requires us once again to reaffirm basic values that we share with the great majority of Americans. Key Words: Silicon Valley Interfaith Council (SiVIC).
Mountain View Launching Spanish Language Leadership Academy
Mt. View city has opened registration for a first-of-its-kind program designed to help Spanish-speaking residents understand local government and encourage their civic engagement. The 8-week course, which begins March 15, is designed to embrace local diversity and increase awareness of city functions, services, activities and local issues to prepare citizens for local leadership, volunteerism and involvement in the community.
New Americans in San Jose and Santa Clara County
The Partnership for a New American Economy has developed a series of research briefs that examine the demographic and economic contributions of immigrant communities in counties and cities across the US. The latest report in the series focuses on San Jose and Santa Clara County. The brief shows that in 2014, Santa Clara County's 1.9 million immigrant residents (who account for roughly 38 percent of the area's population) positively impact the local economy through their high rates of workforce participation, large tax contributions, and spending power. Published 6/26/16 Key words: SJ OIR, SCC
SCC Produce Mobile Delivery Schedule
Each month the Second Harvest Food Bank's Produce Mobile Program brings free fresh fruits and vegetables to 15 different locations throughout Santa Clara County. This program is open to any household or individual that self certifies that they fall within 200% of the poverty line. Multi-language: Spanish
SCC Quick Guide to Services 2016
Santa Clara County provides essential services that people need on a daily basis to work and live in Silicon Valley - whether residents need a marriage license, access to children's health services or want to know about local recreational facilities. Customer service is a top priority for the County, which oversees services and programs for a multilingual, culturally diverse community. This is a Quick reference for many services that are provided to the community. Spanish | Chinese |
SCC Responds to U.S. Supreme Court Decision Impacting Thousands of Immigrants
Santa Clara County officials expressed disappointment in the decision and concern about the impact on approximately 142,000 immigrants in Santa Clara County. "The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to further put the lives and dreams of millions of aspiring American Citizens on hold is disappointing. At the end of the day, the Court decided to keep our immigrant community in the dark and in the shadows," said Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors President Dave Cortese.
SCC kicks in $3.5M for immigrant support
3/16/17 Fearing a zealous immigration crackdown by the new administration in Washington, the Santa Clara County Board of Supervisors agreed Tuesday to commit millions of dollars toward boosting legal services for immigrants facing deportation proceedings. The decision comes after months of deliberation. In a unanimous vote, supervisors agreed to devote $2.9 million in county funds for hiring attorneys to represent immigrants in need of legal assistance. Another $400,000 will be spent on a "Know Your Rights" campaign to educate immigrants on legal, housing, employment, refugee and tenant rights, and $200,000 for a media campaign aimed at alerting residents about issues affecting the immigrant community.
SCC, CA Leads Coalition Opposing Mandatory Detention of Immigrants without Due Proces
2/10/17 Santa Clara County and 19 other cities and counties across the nation joined together in filing an amicus curiae or friend of the court brief with the United States Supreme Court, asking the Court to uphold important constitutional protections for immigrants held in prolonged mandatory immigration detention by the federal government.
San Jose Unity rally supports immigrants, decries hate speech
11/20/16 SJ Mercury News - 500 people braved the rain Sunday for a bigger cause: fighting against hate speech, protecting health care and the defending the civil rights of immigrants. Catalyzed by the volatile presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, organizers said the Unity Gathering was meant to bring the community together after the Republicans victory to spread messages of peace and hope.
San Jose, San Francisco among areas with largest undocumented immigrant populations
2/9/17 San Francisco and San Jose are among 20 metropolitan regions with the largest populations of undocumented residents in the United States, according to a first-of-its-kind report by the Pew Research Center. The report highlights a population at the center of a heated debate, as President Donald Trump looks to double down on deportations.
San Jose, Santa Clara County approve plans to protect immigrants under Trump presidency
1/10/17 SJ Mercury News - City and county leaders Tuesday approved measures to protect undocumented residents from deportation under President-elect Donald Trump's administration, an approach in helping what lawmakers called Silicon Valley's most vulnerable population. SJ city leaders approved a communications campaign to educate immigrants about their rights, working with schools to craft safety plans, and easing restrictions to allow churches to provide sanctuary to undocumented residents if deportation sweeps occur.
Vietnamese-Americans mark fall of Saigon with solemn Black April ceremony
4/30/17 SAN JOSE  Forty-two years after Saigon fell to the communists on April 30, 1975, about 150 members of the Vietnamese-American community marked the anniversary of the collapse of the South Vietnamese government  still referred to in the community as Black April and the Day of Shame  with a solemn ceremony at the James P. McEntee Plaza at the County Government Center.
What to Know About Immigration Raids
March 2017 comprehensive booklet created by the Santa Clara County Office of Immigrant Relations, that compiles information and resources that should help you respond if ICE conducts raids in your community, including a documents check list, multi-language Know Your Rights (English, Spanish and Arabic), preparing a family plan, Plan for Children's care, legal forms, contact information and more.
3 Waves, The
The 3 Waves is a program of Asian Americans for Community Involvement (AACI), sponsored by the SCC Department of Alcohol and Drug Services Prevention Division. Multi-media materials in English, Spanish , and Vietnamese . Magazine, web resources, videos, and other culturally and linguistically appropriate prevention services with a focus on community health and wellness. Key Words: Addiction, recovery, Drug and Alcohol, Gambling, DUI
A Tale of Two Valleys... The Price We Pay for Living in Santa Clara County (A Public Report)
During fiscal year 2014 the Office of Human Relations and the Human Relations Commission convened a public forum to solicit public testimony regarding the impact that the cost of living in Santa Clara County was having on the general community. This report was presented and accepted by the County Board of Supervisors in November, 2014. As a result of this report and the work of many community leaders and organizations the SCC Board of Supervisors recently approved the most comprehensive living wage ordinance in the nation and funding for 1,000 units of affordable housing locally. Keywords: SCC OIR
Amid Trump fears, San Jose leaders reaffirm police will not be a deportation force
12/2/16 SJ Mercury News - Amid growing post-election fears, San Jose has joined a growing number of California cities looking to reassure its immigrant communities that their local police departments will not become deportation forces for the incoming presidential administration. Key Words: Undocumented, Unauthorized
Benefits Application - California State
CA e-benefits Website connects you to applications for Medi-Cal, County Medical Services Program (CMSP), CalFresh (formerly known as Food Stamps) and California Work Opportunity and Responsibility to Kids (CalWORKs) benefits in California.. Key Words: Healthcare, Housing, Employment Assistance, Multi-language: Arabic, Chinese, Farsi, Hindi, Hmong, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog, and Vietnamese
Bridging Borders In Silicon Valley Summit On Immigrant Needs And Contributions
The findings, results, and conclusions in this final report are the product of the hundreds of participants from state, county, and local governments, from educational institutions and schools, from non-profit agencies and religious institutions, from unions and community organizations, from business owners and ethnic chambers of commerce, and from immigrants and US-born citizens. Published by the Santa Clara County Office of Human Relations, SCC
English Language Learner Adults In Silicon Valley: Community Assets, Gaps, and Career Pathways
2015 As part of the ALLIES Department of Labor grant, Working Partnerships USA produced this report about needs, assets, gaps and opportunities. Key Words: Immigrant Integration, ESL, employment,
Fiesta Educativa
A CA based partnership of families, professionals, consumers, friends, and agencies working to inform and assist Latino families in obtaining services and in caring for their children with special needs. The goal of universal support towards the enhancement of the lives of persons with disabilities. Programs: Fiesta Familiar, Autism Parent Education Program (APEP), Community Parent Resource Center (CPRC) Offices in San Jose, Los Angeles, San Bernadino and Orange. Key Words: Developmental Disability Multi-language: English, Spanish
Immigrant Voices: An SCC Public Forum on Immigration
In 2007 the SCC Human Relations Commission (HRC) in partnership with IRIS, convened a public forum on Immigration. The primary goal was to give voice to the concerns and perspectives of the community. In 2010, IRIS published this compilation of the testimony presented by experts, community leaders, the general public and immigrants regarding the impact of immigration in Santa Clara County. Key Words: Immigration Reform, Immigrant Integration, SCC OIR
SCC Board Presents Welcoming Week Resolution
In September 2016, for the first time, Santa Clara County participated with more than 80 communities across the US in the National Welcoming Week Celebrations. The SCC Office of Immigrant Relations hosted a number of local welcoming activities including a display featuring the art of local immigrants and refugees.
SCC Calworks Resource Guide 2016/17
1/1/2017 Updated 52 page Resource Directory for SCC CalWorks recipients and low income residents including food, housing, health care, mental health, children's services, transportation, employment, immigration, citizenship, education and more. Key Words: Santa Clara County, Multi-language
San Jose Language Access Policy (LAP)
11/7/16 San Jose Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR) staff has completed the development of language access policy that is now included in the City Policy Manual, effective this month. The purpose of this new policy is to ensure that the City and its departments make reasonable and practical efforts to reduce language as a barrier to accessing City programs or services.
San Jose: Community members look to heal following election
11/11/16 SJ Mercury News - Following the election of Donald Trump for president, about 150 people, mostly Latino immigrants, grappled with shock and pain during an intimate gathering at San Jose's Mexican Heritage Plaza. Organizers said the event was an opportunity for people of all faiths and backgrounds to move toward reflection and healing.
Saratoga: Iranian-American community celebrates Persian New Year amid political anxieties
3/17/17 Nowruz, which translates literally to new day in Farsi, is a secular holiday that marks the first day of spring and the beginning of the year on the Iranian calendar. It is celebrated on the Vernal equinox, which occurs on March 20 this year. While originally a Zoroastrian festival, the holiday now is celebrated and observed in Iranwhere it is an official holiday lasting for 13 daysand many other parts of the world, including regions of Afghanistan, Azerbaijan and China.
SCC Better Health Pharmacy
In March, 2016, Santa Clara County Public Health Department opened the first free pharmacy. Non-controlled medications that have been donated will be provided free of charge to anyone with a valid prescription and an ID. No requirements re residency, immigration status, insurance. Check inventory in advance - varies based on donations. Languages: Hyperlink | English | Spanish | Vietnamese | Chinese |
2016 Beacon of Light Awards
The United States has a deep-rooted history as a nation of immigrants. The County of Santa Clara's Office of Immigrant Relations acknowledges that Silicon Valley's success as an economic leader of the world is to a great extent the result of the hard work of immigrants. Immigrants have contributed countless hours of work, their own capital and ingenuity to help make this region globally recognized. The Statue of Liberty has long been welcoming numerous immigrant communities. The Beacon of Light Awards are given as a symbol of the torch that is held by the Statue of Liberty. The light is a reflection of the hopes and the dreams of immigrants for a bright beginning in a new country.
Asian Pacific American Leadership Institute (APALI)
A program of Deanza College, the vision of APALI is to recruit, train, convene, mentor, nurture, support a pipeline of socially-conscious and effective leaders serving in civic sectors such as government, nonprofit, and education. APALI core values include: Community, service, identity, empathy, inclusion, inquiry, empowerment. Key Words: Ethnic, Volunteer, student,
Bay Area immigrants fear deportation after Trump victory
11/11/16 SJ Mercury News - Trump's immigration policies could have a profound effect on the nearly 3 million undocumented immigrants in California, which has one of the largest populations of undocumented immigrants in the country. In the left-leaning Bay Area, a region known as a rich melting pot of cultures and ethnicities, immigrants already feel a profound sense of loss. For many, a once distant threat of deportation now seems real, threatening the roots they've put down in the United States.
Catholic Charities John XXIII Multicultural Health Clinic
The Clinic is a behavioral health practice located within the John XXIII Multiservice Center established to provide primary, mental health, substance abuse, wellness education, exercise classes, insurance enrollment and more to adults 18+. A service coordinator can connect patients to an array of other services at Catholic Charities of Santa Clara County that are needed to achieve lasting health and wellness. Some of these include: substance abuse counseling, support groups, social activities, wellness education, nutrition and food services, exercise classes, as well as referral to partner primary health providers.
City of San Jose Hosts White House Regional Convening on New Americans
On April 1, 2016, the White House Regional Convening included more than 100 federal, state, and local officials along with service providers, the private sector, and local community leaders. One of several convenings held across the US, San Jose was selected to host the one-day event to help highlight the region's efforts at welcoming and integrating immigrants from all over the world.
City of San Jose opens its first Vietnamese American Community Center
In 2016, the City of San Jose, a city with one of the largest Vietnamese population in nation, openws its first Vietnamese American Community Center at the Shirakawa Community Center. The center demonstrates a need in the community for a place that celebrates the Vietnamese culture and provides services for the growing demographics. Multi-lingual Vietnamese Key Words: Asia
Emergency Assistance Network (EAN) - Silicon Valley
The United Way funded EAN offers assistance to help low income families and individuals recover from emergency situations, often providing case management and financial education in conjunction with: "Food Assistance "Rent and Mortgage Aid "Utility Assistance "Medical and Transportation Aid. Member Agencies eligibility by zip code.
Immigrant Rights, Responsibilities and Resources Guidebook of Santa Clara County (IRRG)
This guidebook came out of the Summit on Immigrant Needs and Contributions of Santa Clara County in December 2000. Resource information is currently being updated in English. Contains valuable information on immigrant rights and responsibilities in the United States. Key Words: Immigrant Integration, Education, SCC
Knowledge of Immigrant Nationalities (KIN)
From July 1999 to June 2001 Santa Clara County conducted the most extensive assessment of the human needs of immigrants of any County in the US, Over 500 individuals: researchers, community members, university professors, social workers, non-profit agencies, county experts and activists were involved. Results from focus groups from SCC's 16 largest ethnic populations in 2000 were summarized in two publications: Bridging Borders in Silicon Valley and KIN: Knowledge of Immigrant Nationalities. Key Words: Bosnia, Cambodia, China, El Salvador, Ethiopia, India, Iran, Laos, Mexico, Nicaragua, Philippines, Russia, Somalia, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnamese
Kosmos Interview with American Muslim Voice Founder
12/15/15 Samina Faheem Sundas, a Sunni Muslim woman originally from Pakistan living in the United States, is the founder of American Muslim Voice, a grassroots organization that seeks to foster lifelong friendships between Muslims and all communities through interfaith dialogue. She has received many awards as a peacebuilder, including the Martin Luther King Jr. Peace Prize awarded by Fellowship of Reconciliation. Key Word: Islam
Peer support and counseling for South Asian women for problems due to physical abuse and/or related issues. Phone 1-888-8-MAITRI or (1-888-862-4874) Maitri also provides assistance to South Asian survivors of domestic violence with the following services: Immigration Information/ Referral, VAWA Self Petition, U Visa/T Visa Application, Removal of Conditions on Green Card, Citizenship Application. BIA Accredited Non-Profit Legal. Multi-language: Bengali, Gujarati, Hindi, Kannada, Konkani, Malayalam, Marathi, Marwari, Oriya, Punjabi, Sindhi, Sinhalese, Tamil, Telugu, & Urdu.
More Bay Area residents struggling than poverty statistics indicate
12/6/16 Close to 30 percent of the Bay Area's residents aren't able to make ends meet as they contend with high housing costs, suggesting poverty is more widespread in the region than official reports indicate, according to a study published Wednesday. The report by JobTrain, a Menlo Park-based nonprofit organization, estimated that 29.2 percent of Bay Area residents, or roughly 1.45 million people, are not self-sufficient. Self-sufficiency, the study's authors said, is defined as having a stable place to live and being able to cover the basics for survival.
Mt View Community leaders pledge to resist immigration crackdown
Pledging a united front to protect migrants, local policymakers, school officials and law enforcement on Saturday issued a rallying cry to protest the recent executive orders by President Donald Trump. At the city-sponsored Civility Roundtable event, panel members gave repeated assurances to a crowd of about 200 that they would look to safeguard the full patchwork of the South Bay community, and they invited everyone to join them in the effort.
SCC Mental Health Call Center
The Santa Clara County Mental Health Call Center is the centralized entry point for individuals who are seeking behavioral health services. In addition, to appointments and reverrals, the Call Center provides telephone crisis intervention response to callers in crisis, Phone: 1 (800) 704-0900 Hours: 24-hours, 7 days a week. KidConnections Network of Care Referral Process for children ages 0-5 and their families. Phone: 1 (800) 704-0900 Multi-Language: English, Mandarin, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese , Other languages can be made available as needed.
SCC Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR) Newsletter - November 2016
11/2016 Immigration Fraud Alert, Post-Election Resources for Immigrants and information on the upcoming USCIS Application Fee Increase on December 23, 2016
SCC Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR) Newsletter - April 2016
Statistics on SCC 14th Annual Citizenship Day, Articles on Professional Recertification, Oral Arguments on Immigration Initiatives and visit from USCIS Regional Director.
SCC Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR) Newsletter - February 2017
This issue includes information on the President's Executive Orders on Immigration, a growing list of US Mayors Declare Support for Immigrant and Refugee Communities, Santa Clara County's Affirmation of Its Immigration Policies and passing of a Resolution against the Muslim Ban. Immigrant story and notice of upcoming Office of Immigrant Relations 10th Annual Beacon of Light Awards
SCC Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR) Newsletter - October 2016
OIR Manager Gives Keynote at Swearing-In Ceremony, California Passes Laws Impacting Immigrants, Santa Clara County Demographic Update, Highlighting 2 Immigrant Stories, USCIS Update Regarding Citizenship Applications, Voter Registration Form, Filipino History Month Celebration
SCC Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR) Newsletter - September 2016
Celebrating Welcome Week, US CIS News, Santa Clara County Acknowledges Muslim Contributions, Dialog about the Latino Community Vote in the 2016 General Election, Multifaith Peace Picnic
SCC Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR)Newsletter - Jan 2016
SCC Newsletter graphically summarizing the amazing diversity in Santa Clara County.
SCC Office of Immigrant Relations (OIR)Newsletter - March 2016
Articles on the 14th Annual SCC Citizenship Day, the Beacons of Light Awards, and the SJ City Welcoming Committee
SCC Supports Coordinated Immigrant Integration and Engagement Effort
2012. Article in the Institute of Local Governments Periodical, highlighting the innovative programs created by Santa Clara County IRIS to promote immigrant integration and a better understanding between the diverse ethnic groups residing in the county. Key Word: SCC
SCC Traffic Amnesty Program
Oct, 2015. Santa Clara County Traffic Amnesty website - Between October 1, 2015 and March 31, 2017 some people with unpaid tickets whose fines were originally due to be paid date on or before January 1, 2013, who have not made a payment after September 30, 2015, maybe eligible to have both their debt reduced by 50 or 80 percent depending on income and their driver's license reinstated. Check for details and exceptions.
San Jose Immigration Resource Page
2015 - The recent changes to immigration policy have prompted the City of San Jose to work collaboratively with the County of Santa Clara and community based organizations to ensure that our immigrant community receives accurate and timely information about President Obama's executive order. Here you will find information about organizations equipped to serve you and a list of informational events in San Jose. Key Words: SJ OIR
San Jose International Airport First in U.S. to Offer Citizenship Services for Employees
2/16/17 Mineta San Jose International is the first airport in the United States to provide citizenship services for its employees and their families in the country. That announcement was made SJC by San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo and leaders from the National Immigration Forum's New American Workforce, the only worksite citizenship program in the country, according to Jennie Murray, director of the forum's integration programs.
San Jose residents to Muslims: "You belong here"
12/2/16 SAN JOSE As hundreds of Muslims prayed inside the Evergreen Islamic Center Friday afternoon, community members stood outside, holding signs that read, Muslims make San Jose better, Embrace diversity and Love trumps hate, in a grassroots show of solidarity. participating in the silent demonstration to offer support following a string of anti-Muslim attacks that have been reported nationwide since the Nov. 8 election. Key Words: Post-Election, Positive
San Jose schools want to protect undocumented families but can they?
2/8/17 After being blasted by parents for a vague and confusing statement purporting to protect undocumented students, the San Jose Unified school board on Thursday will take up a new resolution intended to shore up student security from immigration agents. The district follows dozens of others declaring their campuses safe places for learning, regardless of students' immigration status. Alum Rock in San Jose, Oakland, Palo Alto and San Francisco all have issued statements claiming they will protect students. Key Words: Undocumented, Sanctuary
Santa Clara University students walk out in solidarity with undocumented immigrants
11/17/16 Standing in solidarity with their undocumented immigrant peers, students at Santa Clara University vowed to protect them from any potential immigration policies that may come under the Trump administration, including mass deportations. The group has joined a growing movement in which students and alumni at universities nationwide are pushing to turn their institutions into safe havens to ensure that immigrant students are given an equal opportunity to learn.
South Bay schools guard against Trump-inspired raids, hate
1/17/17 SAN JOSE Worried about possible increase in deportations, efforts to register Muslims, and a growing climate of harassment, Bay Area school districts have rushed to declare their campuses safe zones for the diverse families they serve. On Wednesday, 14 groups including the South Bay's largest school districts and labor unions will join immigrant-rights advocates to announce school safe zones and explain the need for them. Key Words: Sanctuary, student
Welcoming San Jose Plan - May 2016 Update
In September 2015, the Mayor and City Council adopted a Welcoming San Jose Resolution and the City of San Jose became a member of Welcoming America, a national organization leading the movement to create more inclusive communities. This is the May 2016 update of the Welcoming SJ plan. Key Words: SJ OIR
2014 Voices of Change Report - Nuestro Futuro Initiative
2014. The findings from over 6 months of community surveys and focus groups carried out by the Hispanic Foundation across San Mateo and Santa Clara counties. More than 2,200 individuals participated. The majority of participants were immigrants, women, and low-income individuals with less than a high school education. In addition, most of the respondents had never been asked to give their input on quality of life issues before the survey. Key Words: Spanish, Latino, Hispanic
Bay Area Muslims and non-Muslims band together in wake of Trump election
12/10/16 Since the election, hate crimes have increased all over the country. But alongside the threats and attacks, there has also been an outpouring of support from Bay Area residents that has heartened the local Muslim community. Since the election, the Bay Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, has been flooded with calls from allies asking what they can do to support the Muslim community.
SCC 2012 Latino Health Report: Neighborhood Profiles
2012. The neighborhood profiles highlight focused on 8 Santa Clara County neighborhoods. The profiles describe environmental conditions in each  neighborhood that contributes to or hinders healthy eating, active living, and safety.  Looking at information about neighborhoods is one way to better understand how where we live, work, and play impacts health and well-being.
San Jose: Immigrants are in hiding to avoid deportation, advocates say
12/15/16 SJ Mercury News - Since the presidential election, undocumented residents in Santa Clara County have gone into hiding. They've missed critical medical and social services, pulled children out of school and failed to report crimes or act as court witness - all due to fear of deportation. Those stories and more were recounted Thursday by immigration advocates, community members and others at the SCC Board of Supervisors hearing. The hearing came as a response to the unprecedented levels of fear being reported in immigrant communities across the nation and in particular among undocumented residents, who fear anti-immigrant policies and deportation under President-elect Donald Trump's administration. Key Words: Post-Election