Immigrantinfo.org’s mission is to support a healthy and resilient community for everyone through successful integration of immigrants, refugees and asylees into our society. Our intention is to create a collaborative space that facilitates connection, cooperation and focus on our common goals. We invite the submission of information about news, classes, resources, and community events of interest to Santa Clara County immigrants.

We continue to maintain the Immigrant Info Section, with multi-language pages with information on Disaster Preparation and Response, Immigration and Citizenship, Education, ESL Tools and Resources, the Rapid Response Network, and local Santa Clara County news and resources.

Please notify us of any necessary changes or updates to postings  on the site, so that we can keep the information current and accurate.  Contact Us.


Citizenship, Advocacy and Immigration – Multi-language Service Providers, Fact Sheets, Articles


Resource Search for Service Providers (CBO, FBO, NGO, Gov) for Basic Needs, ESL / Education, Assistance


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Links to multi-language, multi-cultural information about health, safety, and emergency preparation


Community events of interest to Santa Clara County immigrants