TRAC (Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse)

TRAC is a data gathering, data research and data distribution organization at Syracuse University. TRAC-Immigration, deals in-depth with how our nation’s immigration laws are enforced in administrative and criminal courts by a wide variety of agencies. Reports include records of individual judges. A reference library containing government immigration studies and a glossary are also maintained.
Other TRAC Data and reporting sites include: Web sites describing the enforcement activities and staffing patterns of the Department of Homeland Security, Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Internal Revenue Service, the Drug Enforcement Administration and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms. Key Words: DHS, DEA, FBI, IRS, ATF, FOIA, DEMOGRAPHICS

Guaranteed admission for California community college students at private universities

7/26/18 Students at California’s community colleges are about to get more options for earning a bachelor’s degree in four years.
Community college students in the state who complete the requirements for what’s known as an Associate Degree for Transfer will be guaranteed admission as juniors at three dozen private, nonprofit colleges in California as early as next school year, the system’s chancellor’s office announced. Key Words: ALLIES5

Rights to Assistive Technology in Higher Education

6/15 Colleges have legal obligations to provide equal opportunities to students and applicants with disabilities. These obligations apply to all college programs, services and activities, including: admissions, academics, research, occupational training, housing, health insurance, counseling, financial aid, physical education, athletics, recreation, transportation, and extracurricular activities. These obligations include a right to assistive technology in order to allow students with disabilities to receive the same educational benefits as students without disabilities.
Key Words: AFN, Functional Access, disability, health care, mental health Key Words:

Traditional Asian, Indian cultures contribute to stigmatization of mental illness

6/23/18 Teenagers get mixed messages about depression and anxiety, and it’s hurting them. Many Indian and Asian parents grew up in a society where mental illness was not considered a health issue needing treatment, like a broken arm or leg. It is considered a matter of self-will.
Traditional Asian values place importance on staying silent, saving face, suppressing emotions, obedience to authority, and academic excellence. Preserving the reputation of a family is prioritized over the needs of an individual, and presenting an image of perfection to the outside world is more important than resolving the issues or illness of a family member. Key Words: Counseling, Mental Health, API

Vision Literacy

A virtual English learning community is a continuation of our traditional English classrooms, embracing technology we have developed our community offerings to include distant learning services. Reducing the impact to English Learning Parents and other adults of being away from the classrooms, we have developed through the Google for Education platform, a virtual facility where they can continue to meet and learn English through our remote learning services. Now Parents can continue to improve their English skills to help their kids in school activities that for many are now done from home. Key Words: ESL

Student Loan Scams

Some companies claim they can help you pay your loans down quicker, cheaper or get them forgiven altogether. Be cautious – some of these companies are running scams.
You don’t have to pay for help with your student loans. There’s nothing a company can do for you that you cannot do yourself for free: federal borrowers can start here ; private borrowers can start by talking with their loan servicer. Key Words: Financial Aid, scholarship, ALLIES5

Migrant Education Program SCC – Region 1

The general purpose of the Migrant Education Program is to ensure that migrant children fully benefit from the same free public education provided to other children. Design programs to help migrant children overcome educational disruption, cultural and language barriers, social isolation, various health-related problems, and other factors that inhibit their ability to do well in school, and to prepare them to make a successful transition to postsecondary education or employment. Gilroy Migrant Education Program
Counties served: Santa Clara, San Benito, San Mateo, Alameda, San Francisco, and Santa Cruz. Key Words: SCC, Student, Latinx, Languages: Spanish

Building Welcoming Schools – A Guide for K-12 Educators

4/18 One of the first places that refugee and immigrant families have the opportunity connect with others is in schools. Ensuring refugee and immigrant students and their families feel welcome and accepted in their school
environments is not only foundational for their
academic success, but their longer-term economic
and social success, as well. Welcoming Refugees
has created this toolkit to offer schools and after
school learning centers an easily accessible way to
promote a welcoming school.


EDUCATION FIRST offers college scholarships and coaching in Austin, TX, Boston, MA, Denver, CO, Los Angeles, CA, Portland, OR, San Diego, CA, San Francisco, CA, and Seattle, WA. Over $800,000 has been awarded since 1995. Key Words: Financial Aid, Directory.


Many great resources for ESL teachers and students including exercises for practicing real life English, including job interviews, using the telephone, shopping, and everyday conversations. Contains printable teaching resources for language arts, TESOL, TEFL and ESL.

CA Nonresident Tuition Exemptions for Refugees, Special Immigrant Visa holders, and Others

Effective January 1, 2018, Education Code section 68075.6 grants an exemption to nonresident tuition for: (1) Iraqi citizens or nationals (and their spouses and children) who were employed by or on behalf of the US Government in Iraq, and who meet certain criteria (2) translators (and their spouses and children) who worked directly with the US Armed Forces, and who meet certain criteria (3) refugees These exemptions only apply to those who settled in CA upon entering the United States. T and U visa holders are also exempt from nonresident tuition. Key Words: ALLIES5, Financial Aid

Foundation for Hispanic Education

Committed to its mission to identify, understand, and address the Latino education achievement gap through innovation and collaboration, the Foundation continually funds and provides resources to local and national initiatives undertaking educational issues facing minorities in innovative ways.
Serving the East San Jose community for over 30 years, the Foundation currently operates the Center for Latino Education and Innovation, and three charter high schools: Latino College Preparatory Academy, Luis Valdez Leadership Academy, and Roberto Cruz Leadership Academy.

Workforce Institute (WI)

Through the Workforce Institute (WI), the San Jos茅 Evergreen Community College District has been inspiring Silicon Valley’s workforce for over 30 years. A primary learning and development resource for individuals, public agencies, and business partners to develop workforce skills. Member of the SBCAE (South Bay Consortium of Adult Education). Key Words: SCC, EVC, SJCC, Multi-language: Spanish, Vietnamese


ProLiteracy, the largest adult literacy and basic education membership organization in the nation, believes that a safer, stronger, and more sustainable society starts with an educated adult population. WE SUPPORT 1,000 member programs in the U.S. and 25 countries worldwide that provide adult literacy instruction. WE PRODUCE more than 400 print and digital instructional tools for tutors and students. Key Words:

Stanford Community Law Clinic

CLC is fundamentally a trial practice clinic, where students represent clients in three distinct but closely related subject areas: housing, social security disability, and criminal record expungement matters. Services: housing, social security disability, workers’ rights and criminal record expungement matters.
Multi-language: English and Spanish
Office in East Palo Alto
SCC OIR Trusted Legal Providers List

SJCC Dreamer’s Resource Booklet For Transferring to a University of California (UC)

This 2017 booklet was designed to help AB540/DACA
students find the appropriate contact information
for the universities they are applying to. In this booklet you will find information regarding:
路 DREAM Centers (not all campuses have one)
路 Financial Aid Resources
路 Student run organizations that provide support
for AB540/DACA students
路 Contact information for administrators equipped to answer students questions
路 Scholarship website links
Key Words: Education,

Institute of International Education Scholar Rescue Fund (IIE-SRF)

IIE-SRF accepts applications from qualified scholars facing threats to their lives or careers. Fellowships support temporary academic positions at colleges, universities, and other research institutions anywhere in the world where the scholars can continue their academic work in safety. Applications are accepted at any time throughout the year, and qualified applications are reviewed by the IIE-SRF Selection Committee on a quarterly basis. Key Words: Refugee, Financial Aid, Scholarship, education


As we celebrate our 40th year, EdSource is proud to be hailed as a leading nonprofit source for independent, comprehensive education information, analysis and data.
Parents, practitioners and policymakers trust EdSource to synthesize complex education issues and provide them with accurate, actionable information to make school reform work throughout California and the nation. We strive to engage everyone who has a stake in our schools and our students by highlighting successes, documenting problems and shining a spotlight on key education challenges and solutions.

North Santa Clara County Student Transition Consortium (NSCCSTC)

NSCCSTC is a partnership effort between the Foothill-De Anza Community College District (FHDA), Palo Alto
Adult School (PAUSD), Fremont Union High School District Adult School (FUHSD) and the Mountain View-Los Altos Adult School (MVLA). Our collective mission is to coordinate and integrate programs, create linkages, and develop regional plans to better serve the educational needs of adults in the region. Service area: Cupertino, Los Altos, Los Altos Hills, Mountain View, Palo Alto, Sunnyvale and portions of San Jose.

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES)

The National Center for Education Statistics (NCES) is the primary federal entity for collecting and analyzing data related to education in the U.S. and other nations. NCES is located within the U.S. Department of Education. NCES fulfills a Congressional mandate to collect, collate, analyze, and report complete statistics on the condition of American education; conduct and publish reports; and review and report on education activities internationally. Key Word: Research

MALDEF Law School Scholarship Program

MALDEF has always sought to support law students who seek to further MALDEF’s mission of advancing the civil rights of the Latino community in the United States through the legal profession. In recent years, MALDEF has annually awarded 5-15 law school scholarships of $5,000 each to deserving law students from throughout the nation.. Key Words: Financial Aid, Education, Multi-language: Spanish

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition (CAELA)

The CAELA Network helps states increase their capacity to provide high quality professional development to those who teach adult English language learners and provides assistance to professional developers, teachers, administrators, and others across the country who work with adults learning English. The CAELA Network project is funded by the Office of Vocational and Adult Education (OVAE), U.S. Department of Education.

Stanford Law School – Immigrants’ Rights Clinic

The Immigrants’ Rights Clinic at Stanford Law School provides student representation to individual noncitizens in removal proceedings before the San Francisco immigration court, as well as representation to noncitizens before other administrative bodies and the federal courts, including the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals. It also provides student representation in impact litigation and advocacy, on behalf of immigrant communities. Multi-language: Spanish

Big Future Scholarship Search

College Board’s Free Scholarship Search. Find scholarships, other financial aid and internships from more than 2,200 programs, totaling nearly $6 billion. Scholarship information is based on the College Board’s Annual Survey of Financial Aid Programs. Enter your personal information to find the most matches. Key Words: Education, Directory,

CA Community Colleges. is your online gateway to the California Community Colleges. Each year at our 113 colleges, 2.1 million students from all over the world build their career skills, prepare for transfer to four-year colleges and universities, or simply enrich their lives through learning. Choose a college, connect to application process, explore financial aid. Key Words: Education, scholarship, directory,

1 in 8 children in California schools have an undocumented parent

4/23/17 Undocumented children as well as U.S. citizen children with undocumented relatives have experienced heightened anxieties for several years as a result of deportation policies begun under President George W. Bush and tightened ones under President Barack Obama.
But according to school officials, those anxieties have reached new heights since Donald Trump’s inauguration, with possible consequences on their ability to focus on school work, the willingness of parents to attend school events, or even to bring their children to school.

Why All Americans Should Care About What Happens to Unauthorized Immigrants

3/16/17 A new analysis by USC’s Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration, or CSII, and the Center for American Progress shows that millions of people, citizens or otherwise, live in mixed-status families with at least one unauthorized family member in the same household. Undeniably, there is no way to separate immigrants out from the U.S.-born population; there can be no us versus them. Key Words: Undocumented

Students perform better at schools offering extra services on campus

6/7/17 Schools that offer dental care, mental health counseling, food assistance and other services have a significant and measurable positive impact on student achievement, according to research released this week by the Learning Policy Institute and the National Education Policy Center. Schools that collaborate with nonprofits and government agencies to provide extra on-campus services in many cases showed increases in attendance, graduation rates and academic achievement, especially in math and reading.

Toolkit for ESL Professionals Supporting Highly Skilled Immigrants

High-skilled immigrants need assistance in transferring their skills to the U.S. labor market. In particular, they call for integrated, contextualized language and job training programs that help immigrants navigate the local job markets. In subsequent chapters of this manual, we will introduce you to ESL curricula, model programs and best practices that do that. Key Words: Education, Professional

EveryoneOn – Low Cost Internet, Equipment, and Free Digital Literacy Classes

EveryoneOn is a national nonprofit working to eliminate the digital divide by making high-speed, low-cost Internet service and computers, and free digital literacy courses accessible to all unconnected Americans. Through partnerships, EveryoneOn is able to offer home Internet service for under $20 in 48 states and the District of Columbia. We work with refurbishers, to offer devices for under $100. Spanish Key Words Education

What is a sanctuary city?

2/17 A sanctuary city is a place that has decided to keep local resources to solve local problems. Some people think ‘sanctuary’ means the city is harboring fugitives. That’s a misunderstanding of the term. A better term than sanctuary might be local control or safe city. From Teach Tolerance

Effects of Sanctuary Policies on Crime and the Economy

4/17 Statistical analysis illustrates that across a range of social and economic indicators, sanctuary counties perform better than comparable non-sanctuary counties. To understand the effects of having a sanctuary policy, we statistically match counties based on a broad range of demographic characteristics and then compare sanctuary counties to non-sanctuary counties to better understand the effects that sanctuary policies have on a local jurisdiction.
The data are clear: Crime is statistically significantly lower in sanctuary counties compared to non-sanctuary counties. Moreover, economies are stronger in sanctuary counties: from higher median household income, less poverty, and less reliance on public assistance to higher labor force participation, higher employment-to-population ratios, and lower unemployment.

Higher wages linked to immigrant diversity

4-10-17 Diverse immigrant populations do more than enrich a city’s cultural fabric. According to geographers from the University at Buffalo and Southampton University, they also boost wages.
In cities that are unwelcoming to immigrants, as diversity rises, people’s wages either don’t change, or they go up by only a small amount. In cities that are welcoming to immigrants, as diversity goes up, people’s wages go up, and by a lot,” said Abigail Cooke, an assistant professor of geography in UB’s College of Arts and Sciences, who wrote the paper with Thomas Kemeny, a UB research assistant professor and a lecturer at the University of Southampton in England.

Jewish Family & Children’s Services (JFCS)

Programs for adults, seniors, youth, children, refugees, emegres. Immigration, ESL and Citizenship assistance, financial assistance. Educational Scholarships and Loans
Areas Served: Offices in Palo Alto, San Mateo, San Francisco, San Rafael, and Santa Rosa – Counties of Sonoma, Marin, San Mateo, SF, and Santa Clara. CADRE Partner Key Words: SCC, Koret, LGBT, Domestic Violence, Hospice, Counseling, Emergency Assistance

Understanding Refugee Upward Mobility in the Context of Resettlement

4/2016 A 2.5 year study on refugee integration and the obstacles to self-sufficiency. The data suggests that without additional support including intensive and intentional ESL, affordable housing, skill training, or opportunities to capitalize on preexisting skills, it can take 13-15 years to reach living-wages. Moreover, these refugees often have to supplement their income with long periods of government financial support or engage in negative and potentially dangerous strategies in order to get by.

Coastside Hope

Client base comprises about 15% of the population of the mid-coast and includes: the working poor, the homeless, seniors living below the poverty level, the disabled, and families and/or individuals in crisis. We serve people of all ages, from infants to senior citizens. Employed clients typically work in farming, nurseries, hotels and restaurants, construction, domestic services and commercial fishing. Services include Immigration Assistance, ESL, Citizenship Asst, Food supplements, Counseling, and more. Nulti-language: Spanish

UC won’t assist federal agents in immigration actions against students

11/30/16 The University of California announced sweeping actions Wednesday to protect its students who came into the country illegally, saying it would refuse to assist federal immigration agents, turn over confidential records without court orders or supply information for any national registry based on race, national origin or religion. Key Words: Post-Election, Positive

Nearly half a million U.S. citizens are enrolled in Mexican schools. Many of them are struggling.

Sept 2016 – Researchers find that many students struggle to integrate into Mexican schools because they can’t read or write in Spanish. Others lacked the necessary accreditations to enter school. Nearly a third had either been held back a grade or missed a year or more of school.
“These kids have enormous potential, but we’re losing them. We want to reframe these kids as bilingual, bicultural assets as opposed to problems.” Key words: Education, Deport, Immigration Reform

English for My Job

Website for people who work in restaurants, bars, hotels, cafes, airports, and anywhere else where you might have to talk to customers in English. .All of the exercises are free. Part of the LearnEnglishFeelGood product line. Key Words: ESL, Distance Learning, Student Resource, English as a Second Language, Vocational ESL

San Jose City College Named one of the Nation’s Top 25 Colleges for Latinos

May 14, 2015 SAN JOSE, Calif., Latino Magazine, a national publication based in Austin, Texas, has named San Jos茅 City College (SJCC) one of the country’s top 25 colleges for Latinos. The publication cited SJCC as a “world-class institution” located in the heart of Silicon Valley, known around the world as the center for innovation in technology and research.
SJCC, the only community college, in California, represented on the list, was accompanied by other reputable institutions such as Stanford University, UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC Davis. Key Words: Post Secondary Education

Association of Mexican American Educators (AMAE)

The AMAE goal is to improve education for students of Mexican and Latino decent – To work toward preparing teachers who understand and appreciate the social, cultural, and linguistic backgrounds of students and who bring out their strengths and develop their potential. To promote better understanding among the citizenry concerning the educational needs of students of Mexican and Latino backgrounds. Southern & Central CA chapters. Key Word: Spanish

Coursera for Refugees

Coursera is an international on-line learning platform that offers free on-line classes from 140+ top universities and educational organizations. Non-profit organizations that work with refugees can apply to receive group financial aid packages, which include: 1) Free access to Coursera courses. 2) A recommended course list specifically for refugees. 3) Administrative features & support to best use Coursera. 4) A custom portal to connect with other nonprofits serving refugees. Key Words:

Californians Together

Californians Together is a statewide advocacy coalition of powerful organizations from all segments of the education community including:
Teachers, Administrators, Board Members, Parents,
Civil Rights non-profit groups
Our member organizations come together, united around the goal of better educating our almost 1.4 million English learners by improving California’s schools and promoting equitable educational policy. @CalTog, ESL professional


Free bi-lingual Spanish phonics-based,
interactive (with voice) ESL website. Its graded structure can be easily adapted for teaching English to
students whose first language is not Spanish. Key Words: Student Resource, English as a Second Language.

Escuela Popular

Escuela Popular’s serves “families” of learners. Parents and their children attend school and learn English together. Reversing the dominant educational trend that instruction must be slowed down to meet the needs of recent immigrants and English language learners. The Dual Language Academy currently serves grades transitional kinder to eight. Bi-lingual: Spanish Key Words: Integration.

Career Online High School (COHS) – SJPL

The San Jose Public Library (SJPL) is offering a limited number of free scholarships to qualified adult learners (of any immigration status) who speak English, live in San Jose, and have completed at least 8th grade. Earn an accredited high school diploma and a career certificate in one of 8 high-demand fields. Students work with an academic coach, certified teachers, career mentor, and graduate with a high school diploma, resume, cover letter, and other tools to start or advance their careers. Key Word: SCC, GED, Financial Aid, Education,

Career Online High School (COHS) – CA

Available by scholarship through select California libraries, COHS offers eligible adults the opportunity to complete their high school education. Students earn a career certificate in one of 8 high-demand fields and graduate with a high school diploma, resume, cover letter, and other tools to start or advance their careers. Support from certified teachers, career coach and Mentor. Several Bay Area libraries are participating. Key Words: GED,

San Francisco Library ESL & Citizenship Resources

Due to ongoing staffing shortages, the Library will continue to offer limited library services after June 15. We thank you for your patience and support as we work to restore library services systemwide.

Lists of local SF providers of ESL and Citizenship Assistance plus links to USCIS and practice materials. Multi-language site translation with explanatory videos. Languages:
| Chinese
| Spanish

10,000 Degrees

By helping students from low-income backgrounds become the first in their families to graduate from college, we have started a growing movement for change: the I AM ONE DEGREE movement. Through workshops and one-on-one sessions, we help students select a college, then complete applications for enrollment and financial aid. This includes completing the FAFSA and identifying additional scholarship opportunities. We help students leverage an average of $16,458 in additional free financial aid per year. Students enter college with sustainable resources and a thorough plan to pay for college. Key Words: Undocumented, Education, Financial Aid

IDEAL Consortium

The IDEAL Consortium, a project of the EdTech Center at World Education, Inc., is working to develop effective distance education programs for adult learners, raising the quality of blended and distance online learning across the United States through new educational technology innovations and collaborative research and practice.

Handbook of Distance Education for Adult Learners

The IDEAL Consortium provides technical assistance, web-based tools, and publications to member states to help them design distance education programs based on their distinct needs. This Handbook is intended to help teachers and administrators design and deliver distance education programs for adult basic learners using a variety of instructional delivery models and curricula. Its primary purpose is to guide local adult education programs understand the issues related to distance education so that they can develop a plan for implementing a program in their agency.

SPIRAL (Selected Patient Information in Asian Languages)

SPIRAL aims to increase access to Asian-language health information for consumers and health care providers. The SPIRAL web site is a collection of links to Asian-language patient care documents that have been created by authoritative sources and are freely available on the Web. Links are organized by topic and language. Languages: Cambodian, Chinese English, Hmong, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Thai, Vietnamese Key Words: Medical, API

How to Become an ESL Teacher

For someone considering a career in ESL Teaching – an excellent description of what to expect and what might be required of an ESL Teacher including general educational requirements, job description, possible salary, potential rewards and challenges. Part of a broader site:, with information, resources, support and guides for all lines of teaching.

Canada College ESL Program

The ESL program aligns with the college mission by offering courses that include academic skills and language development which incorporate analytical, critical, and creative thinking and effective communication and reasoning. Counseling and Retention Specialist to assure that the individual educational goals are accomplished and there is support throughout the program. Key Words: ESL, English as a Second Language, SBCAE Multi-Language: Spanish

Word Book

Free downloadable book that contains a simple dictionary of common words, explanations of grammar, simple civics and explanation of US Government, and more. Produced by Voice of America. Key Words: ESL, English as a Second Language, education,

Online Schools

A comprehensive introduction to online education with guides for every stage of online learning, from K-12 to online graduate school. Includes links and current assessment of online degrees and online schools available. Also help to explore the criteria needed to consider before enrolling in an online school, and discuss the actual logistics needed to begin an online education.


SpanishDict is a large Spanish-English dictionary, translation, and language learning website. It is an easy-to-use resource for translation and learning Spanish. Interactive space to cultivate a fun and active community where members can ask and answer questions, practice with each other, and experience the joy of using a new language.

Milpitas Adult School

Classes include ESL, Vocational Training, High School Equivalency, and other enrichment classes. Member of the SBCAE (South Bay Consortium of Adult Education). Multi-language: Spanish, Vietnamese Key Words: Immigrant Integration, Vocational Training, Employment counseling, English as a Second Language,

SBCAE (South Bay Consortium for Adult Education)

The SBCAE is a consortium of 5 Adult Education and 4 Community Colleges in the South of Santa Clara County. Working with transparency and inclusion with all stakeholders, SBCAE is committed to ideas, decisions and practices that anticipate the future needs for adult learners in the region.
Members: ***Campbell Adult & Community Education (CACE)***East Side Adult Education***Evergreen Valley College***Milpitas Adult Education***Mission College
San Jose City College (SJCC)***Santa Clara Adult Education (SCAE)***Silicon Valley Adult Education (Program SVAEP)***West Valley Community College***
Workforce Institute (San Jose Evergreen Community College District)
Community Partners

San Jose-Evergreen Community College District (SJCC-EVC)

Preparing students for transfer into a 4 year college or university or career path. Free Open Entry Non-Credit ESL program. Member of SBCAE (South Bay Consortium of Adult Education). SJCC Virtual Tour聽Key Words: Immigrant Integration, Vocational Training, Employment counseling, English as a Second Language, San Jose City College, Multi-Language: Spanish, Vietnamese

West Valley Community College (WVC)

Academic and Career Programs at WVC provide opportunities to advance educational goals, including: transfer to university and state institutions or to provide a wide range of career opportunities. WVC has the appropriate degree and certificate programs. Member of SBCAE (South Bay Consortium of Adult Education) Key Words: ESL, Immigrant Integration, Vocational Training, Spanish

Mission College

Located in the City of Santa Clara, Mission College offers a pathway to several futures, including transfer to a 4 year institution, a career of your choice, increasing skills for both higher education and the workforce and an Associate’s Degree or Certificate that can get you on your way to any goal. Member of SBCAE (South Bay Consortium of Adult Education). Multi-Language: Spanish, Vietnamese Key Words: ESL, Immigrant Integration, Vocational Training, Employment,

Gavilan College

Gavilan College offers day, evening, weekend and online programs of liberal arts and sciences, and study in the pre-professional, business, vocational, and technical fields.
Free Non-credit courses include ESL, Citizenship, High School Equivalency (GED), Basic Academic Skills, and Short term vocational. They are open to all community members. There are no tests, no quizzes, no grades, and no citizenship requirements. NC courses are offered at sites in Gilroy, San Benito County, and Morgan Hill. Non Credit office (408) 852-2824. Member of SBCAE (South Bay Consortium of Adult Education) Key Words: ESL, Immigrant Integration, Vocational Training, Multi-language: Spanish

Puente de la Costa Sur

As the region’s only Community Resource Center, Puente serves the San Mateo County South Coast communities of Pescadero, La Honda, Loma Mar, and San Gregorio. Puente serves as an emergency resource for rent, utilities, information, bedding, clothing, and toiletries, hot meals for farmworkers and Farmers’ Market tokens program. We offer bicycles and bike repair. Puente’s Family Engagement Initiative, a partnership with the La Honda-Pescadero Unified School District, Comprehension-based ESL classes . Multi-language: Spanish Key Words: Food, Housing

OE Global

We are a global network of educational institutions, individuals and organizations that support an approach to education based on collective development and use of open educational materials. Open Education combines the traditions of knowledge sharing and creation with 21st century technology to create a vast pool of openly shared educational resources, while harnessing today’s collaborative spirit to develop educational approaches that are more responsive to learner’s needs. The Open Education Consortium is a non-profit, social benefit organization registered in the US and operating worldwide.

Mt. View – Los Altos Adult Education (MVLA)

In person classes have resumed and all COVID safety guidelines are being followed. The Adult School is committed to serving adult learners who will gain the knowledge, skills, and proficiency necessary to achieve personal goals in employment, secondary education, and English language skills in order to become self-reliant and productive members of the community. Immigrant Friendly. Key Words: Career Technical Education, ESL and Citizenship, GED, High School Diploma, Parent Education

Campbell Adult & Community Education (CACE)

We now offer classes online, in person and in hybrid format. Our teachers have made great strides in utilizing online tools and various instructional software to provide instruction. We will build on the successful digital learning experience for our students and continue to incorporate online learning. We welcome you to our English as a Second Language, high school completion and community interest classes.
Member of the SBCAE (South Bay Consortium of Adult Education). Multi-language: Spanish, Vietnamese Key Words: Immigrant Integration, Vocational Training, Employment counseling, English as a Second Language,

Santa Clara Adult Education (SCAE)

COVID-19 Update: 4/1/20 All classes now on-line,
Along with four other adult schools and four community colleges, our region is focusing on pathways to college and career opportunities that lead to higher education and economic mobility for all students. A continued focus on immigration integration builds English language skills, civic duty, social and cultural inclusion and fosters literacy for children. SCAE is a member of the South Bay Consortium for Adult Education (SBCAE). Please visit website at for more information. Key Words: ESL, vocational training, employment counseling,
Multi-Language: Spanish, Vietnamese

What’s at Stake for the State – USC CSII Study

May 2013. CSII report paints a multi-hued picture of the state’s 2.6 million unauthorized Californians, providing data at the state and regional levels on their demographics, their potential income gains, and how to make the most of their authorization. The report also estimated the economic benefit of legalization and naturalization for undocumented Californians by state and region. Key Words: citizenship, integration, demographics

Morgan Hill Community Adult Education

In addition to ESL classes, adult students who want to improve their skills in reading, writing, and mathematics may enroll in our Adult Basic Skills classes. These classes are combined with test Preparation classes for High School Equiv. Member of SBCAE (South Bay Consortium of Adult Education). Multi-language: Spanish, Vietnamese Key Words: Immigrant Integration, Vocational Training, Employment counseling, English as a Second Language,

National Association for Multicultural Education (NAME)

NAME is a non-profit organization that advances and advocates for equity and social justice through multicultural education. NAME’s membership encompasses the spectrum of professional educators and specialists. Persons affiliated with teacher education, ethnic studies, ESL and bilingual education, social science, anthropology, liberal and fine arts programs, and other departments, colleges, and schools with an emphasis on multiculturalism are also encouraged to become members. Key Words: Instructor Resource

Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation

From 1910 to 1940, Angel Island was the site of an Immigration Station that functioned as the West Coast equivalent of Ellis Island, although the Angel Island facility also enforced policies designed to exclude, rather than welcome, many Pacific Coast immigrants coming from 82 countries. AIISF Immigrant Voices program has created a growing archive of personal stories of immigrants to the Pacific Coast from Angel Island Immigration Station detainees to those arriving today.

Refugee & Immigrant Transitions (RIT)

We hire qualified teachers, assess students using the Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment System (CASAS), and develop our curriculum to meet the needs of the newcomer student population.聽 The Women’s Initiative
is based on RT’s innovative parent/tot class, which focuses on education for both mothers and their preschool-aged children. The class includes multilingual, culturally sensitive assistance by female community leaders. These leaders, as well as the childcare assistants, are hired from within the communities that we serve, which include forcibly displaced populations from Afghanistan, Syria, and Yemen. Office in Oakland, Alameda County. Key Words: ESL, RIF, education

DCARA Deaf Multicultural Program

COVID-19 Update Videos
with Information on current county guidelines, COVID-19 testing sites, curfews, unemployment benefits, community resources, and more, DCARA will remain open to the public.
Communication Aid Card for the Deaf
Call our office (510-343-6670) for immediate services. Check our website and social media for updates
If there are any further questions, please email
It is DCARA’s goal to enhance Deaf Culture within the Deaf ethnic communities by offering services that emphasize community education, and provide socialization opportunities that will enrich the quality of life for these individuals and their families. ASL Classes for Deaf Immigrants, Immigration Advocacy, Education, Counseling, Information & Referral Key Words: American Sign Language