Facebook Says It Will Fight Disinformation About the 2020 Census

12/19 The 2020 Census will be the first census to take place in the height of the social media age, and this is why everyone is so worried. The Bureau has launched this site answering frequently asked questions like “do non-citizens get counted?”, and there’s an email hotline set up for reporting falsehoods and rumors about the census: rumors@census.gov.
The government-led population count is a driver for myriad allocations in government programs, for allocation of congressional representation, as well as for private companies’ marketing strategies and a million other aspects of American political and economic life. And since its beginnings, it has inspired distrust in certain corners of the country ” something that the conspiracy-theory-prone are guaranteed to latch onto as census forms and census takers begin fanning out around the country in the first quarter of next year. Key Words: ALLIES8