First 5 Community Family Resource Centers and Resource Directory

The goal of FIRST 5’s Family Resource Center Initiative is to give Santa Clara County families the skills and capacity to promote their children’s development, ensure their children’s school readiness, build strong family relationships, and create a connected community.

FIRST 5 established a network of Family Resource Centers (FRCs) throughout Santa Clara County to increase family access to services and provide parents/caregivers opportunities to become more involved in their children’s healthy development and school readiness. FRCs are often at the center of other collaborative efforts that seek to improve the lives of families and the communities in which they live.

5/21 The FIRST 5 COVID 19 Resource Guide still contains relevant information about how to access financial aid, food, housing assistance, childcare, and other essential SCC services for families. Multi-language:  Spanish |    Vietnamese |    Chinese |    Tagalog |