Republican and Democratic Officials Continue to Accept Refugees, Rejecting Trump’s Executive Order

1/8/20 As of January 2, a total of 39 governors, 86 mayors, (and other local officials) had expressed their commitment to continue accepting refugees. There has been strong bipartisan support, including from prominent Republican officials.
The pledges of support are a response to an executive order President Trump signed in September 2019. The order requires state and local authorities to provide written consent to resettle refugees within their boundaries.
1/15/20 Update: Federal Judge Peter Messitte issued a preliminary injunction temporarily blocking the Trump administration from enforcing its executive order giving state and local governments the power to opt out of refugee resettlement. Judge Messitte ruled the executive order was likely unlawful. In his decision, he called for the program to “go forward as it developed for the almost 40 years” before the executive order was announced. Key Words: Asylum, Immigrant