Who is most at risk from wildfires?

75 communities throughout California live in areas of severe risk from wildfires. This map highlights the relative social vulnerabilities which impacts how well they may be able to respond and recover. With this map you can:
Click on communities to learn about their social vulnerability.
Search for specific addresses, so you can gauge the level of wildfire risk.
Physical vulnerability to wildfire uses McClatchy’s analysis of wildland-urban interface areas (WUI’s), areas with populations of more than over 1,000 with 90% of residents living within Very High Fire Severity Zones. Social vulnerability was determined by using 5 factors from the CDC’s index; pct of people living below the poverty line, aged 65 yrs. old and older, pct of housing in structures with 10 or more units, pct of households with no vehicles, and pct of non-institutionalized populations with a disability. Data used for this map can be downloaded here.