SCC Service Providers Learning Stress Reduction Techniques


On February 23rd, 25 people from 13 different agencies attended a workshop at the American Red Cross in San Jose. Participants included Counselors, Social Workers, Teachers, and other Service Providers who work with immigrants, refugees, asylees and others living with chronic stress and anxiety. They learned about how trauma is passed on in communities, places of work, and families resulting in loss of energy and hope. They were able to practice several simple Energy Psychology Techniques including Trauma Tapping Technique. They experienced the capabilities that they and others have to release the accumulated tension they carried. They left with renewed enthusiasm and the knowledge that they would be able to do their jobs in a new way and share this information with their clients, patients and students. Other agencies are inquiring about how to bring this resource to their staff and clients. These techniques and more can be found at the Blog, Self Care in Difficult Times.