Immigrant Info’s mission is to support a healthy and resilient community for everyone through successful integration of immigrants, refugees and asylees into our society. Our intention is to create a collaborative space that facilitates connection, cooperation and focus on our common goals.


Since 2001, ImmigrantInfo.org has maintained an in-depth, searchable database of current ESL and citizenship classes in Santa Clara County, CA.

Over time we added a categorized/searchable database of over 500 links to local, state and national government, educational, and non-profit resources used by immigrants, advocates, caseworkers, policy-makers, researchers, students and teachers.

We also post research, demographics and photos to expand awareness and understanding of our diverse populations and the value that they bring with them from all over the world.

We have created a community calendar for Santa Clara County immigration and citizenship related events, as well as non-political ethnic celebrations and holidays. Future plans include initiating a blog sharing immigrant stories and perspectives for a deeper understanding of the experience we are all sharing.

We invite the submission of information about news, classes, resources, and community events of interest to Santa Clara County immigrants.

In the News

Asians, Many Out of Shame, Not Seeking US Deportation Protection
While an estimated 80% of eligible Mexicans and Central Americans have applied for DACA, according to the nonprofit Asian Americans Advancing Justice less than 20% of Asians have sought protection. Many cite shame over their unauthorized status as well as trouble locating documents as reasons they are not applying.
Santa Clara County Better Health Pharmacy
In March, 2016, Santa Clara County Public Health Department opened the first free pharmacy. Non-controlled medications that have been donated will be provided free of charge to anyone with a valid prescription. No requirements re residency, immigration status, insurance. Check inventory in advance - varies based on donations. Languages: Spanish, Vietnamese
Silicon Valley Community Foundation urges strong federal payday lending rules at town hall
8/3/16 At a town hall event in Oakland, Calif., on July 22, local citizens and organizations, including SVCF shared stories of how the payday loan industry hurts consumers, especially low-income families and communities of color. The Federal Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) is conducting a rulemaking to address consumer harms from practices related to payday loans and invites Public Comment until October 7, 2016
Thousands of Children Now Covered in Access to Counsel Lawsuit
Last week, a federal court certified a class in a lawsuit challenging the federal governments failure to provide legal representation to children in deportation proceedings. Several thousand children are estimated to be members of the class. The class covers all children in the 9th under 18 who are in immigration proceedings in the Ninth Circuit on or after June 24, 2016; lack counsel; are unable to afford legal representation; and are potentially eligible for asylum, related relief or U.S. citizenship. The 9th Circuit covers (HA, AK, AZ, MO, CA, WA, OR, ID)
Santa Clara County Traffic Amnesty Program
Oct, 2015. SCC Traffic Amnesty website - Between October 1, 2015 and March 31, 2017 some people with unpaid tickets whose fines were originally due to be paid date on or before January 1, 2013, who have not made a payment after September 30, 2015, maybe eligible to have both their debt reduced by 50 or 80 percent depending on income and their driver's license reinstated. Check for details and exceptions.
ACLU Know Your Rights Booklet
The ACLU's Know Your Rights booklet provides effective and useful guidance in a user-friendly question and answer format. The booklet addresses what rights you have when you are stopped, questioned, arrested, or searched by law enforcement officers. This booklet is for citizens and non-citizens with extra information for non-citizens in a separate section. This free booklet is available for download in English, |Spanish| French, Arabic, Urdu, and Farsi. An older (2003) version of the booklet is available in Hindi, Punjabi, and Somali.
Education and Community Outreach Toolkit for SCOTUS Immigration Announcement
The purpose of this toolkit is to provide your organization with useful templates, resources and tools that can be deployed following the 6/24/16 Supreme Court announcement on the immigration Administrative Relief programs, DAPA and expanded DACA (United States vs. Texas). The materials in this toolkit should help increase and maximize the outreach and community education efforts of legal service providers, immigration advocacy organizations, and other immigrant serving agencies. Produced by CIRI (Committee for Immigration Reform Implementation)
Full Scope Medi-Cal Expands To ALL Immigrant Children
Mar. 2016. As of May 1, 2016 all CA children are eligible for full scope MediCal, regardless of immigration status. Currently, children and adults in the country illegally qualify for limited Medi-Cal coverage, which covers emergency and pregnancy-related services. Enrollment help is free from local health clinics and community groups. Visit http://www.cchi4families.org/find-help for local resources. Advocates and state officials also want you to know that enrolling your kids should not lead to negative consequences for you  or other members of your family  who may not have legal immigration status.
New California Laws Protecting & Providing Humanitarian Relief for Immigrant Youth
Jan. 2016. On January 1, 2016 two new laws New California Laws Protecting & Providing Humanitarian Relief for Immigrant Youth took effect. AB 899 is a new law that clarifies that California law does not permit the automatic sharing of confidential information from juvenile court proceedings with any federal official, including immigration officials. AB 900 is a new California law that will provide better support and protection for unaccompanied, undocumented youth between the ages of 18 and 20 in California.
Raids Rapid Response Toolkit
Jan. 2016. This toolkit contains information and tools that should help you respond if ICE conducts raids in your community, including Know Your Rights Booklets and videos in English and Spanish, materials for community outreach and a social media campaign, links and phone numbers to report activities and stay updated on developments across the country.
Welcome to the United States - New Updated Version
Nov. 2015. USCIS has published an updated Welcome to the United States: A Guide for New Immigrants. The guide contains practical information to help new immigrants settle into everyday life in the United States, including how to find a place to live, how to get a Social Security number and how the U.S. system of government works. Available in 14 languages: | Spanish | Arabic | Chinese Traditional | Chinese Simplified | French | Haitian Creole | Korean | Portuguese | Russian | Somali | Tagalog | Urdu | Vietnamese |